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How does one invoke God in a proper way?

What’s in a Name? Within the annals of secular expression “God” is often evoked in a disrespectful manner e.g. “Oh my God,” or “damming God” and so on.  Nevertheless, the Second Commandment clearly tells us not to pronounce the Lord’s name in vain i.e. in an unholy way. Unfortunately, our demeanor tends to...

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How do we gauge our children’s Spiritual Progress during Lent?

As parents one of the most unique challenges we face is attempting to measure the spiritual progress of our children. Even though gauging the physical or academic development of our children may appear simple enough discerning our children’s spiritual development is an entirely different story. This is why engaging in an...

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Does Intercessory Prayer really help strengthen a Marriage?

Imagine if everyone around us came to the realization that praying for someone is actually quite a simple act. We would all be constant intercessors for everyone around us, especially our family and friends. The irony here is that something that in many respects is so simple and not necessarily time consuming is quite often...

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