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Before You Go: What Would You Say to Someone Who Wants to Leave the Catholic Church?

I would imagine that no one ever wants to see a loved one walk away from the Church. This scenario plays out more often than naught with the people I speak to on a daily basis. A day doesn’t go by without encountering someone who is Catholic but not practicing. When I recently taught on this topic to a large capacity crowd who...

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What Can St. Teresa Teach Us About the Law of Discipleship?

St. John Paul II once said that conversion requires convincing of sin, it includes the interior judgment of conscience which in turn provides the start of a new grant of grace and love (CCC 1848). At the heart of our journey with Christ is identifying what leads us away from grace so we can have a clearer understanding of Christ...

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Is the Rosary a Tool of Evangelization?

There are times when even the most simplest of prayers make a significant impact in our daily lives. Whether you make the sign of the Cross or simply recite a Hail Mary the impact of these prayers when devotedly practiced brings you toward the possibility of a deeper awareness of Christ in your life. Today we celebrate the...

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