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Why a Resolution to Pray Makes Sense

The time honored ritual and tradition of making New Year’s resolution rests on trying to make our life more simpler and fulfilling in the coming year. One of the realities of making such resolutions is that what starts out as very promising tends to fade away by the middle of February. It’s not that we did not want to keep...

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How to Walk Your Child Toward God

When a child seeks the comfort of a parent they serve and are viewed as the natural destination point in a child’s heart and mind. If something goes wrong or the child feels misplaced, he will seek his parents out for reassurance, comfort and help. One of the main reasons a child would naturally go to his parents other than...

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Are Parents Primary Educators of their Children?

One of the most fascinating characteristics we possess as human beings is the desire and ability to learn. Every moment of our lives provides us with an opportunity to gain new insight into things and then begin the process of applying this new insight in our daily lives. We place hope that this new formative knowledge will help...

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