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How do we handle the Doctrine of Ignorance? St. Augustine shows us how

I am often asked the question: “what is the greatest challenge you face as a catechist?” My response is typically immediate: “it’s the doctrine of ignorance.” When I answer their question in this manner, I typically receive an initial bewildered look, but after a few moments the person begins to understand my response....

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Are Your Spiritually Neglecting Your Marriage?

Our human desire for both spiritual and physical affection is two of the strongest and most potent aspects of our human existence. It involves quenching the desires of our soul and our senses derived from the soul e.g. intellect, will, reason, logic, and love. When these affections are properly ordered they take on a sacrificial...

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Are You Spiritually Neglecting Your Child?

Blessed Cardinal Newman once said that “Faith is illuminative, not operative; it does not force obedience, though it increases responsibility; it heightens guilt, but it does not prevent sin. The will is the source of action.” When you take a moment to analyze Blessed Newman’s words, they can easily be directed toward the...

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