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Do Not Make Sin Your Heritage

If someone were to ask you; “how would you like to be remembered by when you pass on” it’s probably not that “he really knew how to sin!” The irony in this is that sin was introduced as part of our heritage from the actions of our first parents which also opened our inclination to continue this practice and offense...

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Does God Inconvenience You?

A very intriguing aspect of Catholicism is the free will act to sacrifice and embrace suffering. For many, the notion of sacrifice is already beyond comprehension because of the belief that; “I’ve sacrificed enough.” The irony in this statement is its contradictory nature when placed in relation to Christ’s Crucifixion....

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Sound Catechesis Requires a Convincing Story

The premise behind communicating a convincing story is to make it relatable to your audience. In other words show them they are part of the actual story. Any good narrative relies on the existence of natural truths that help anyone come to a realization that this story actually means something to the person. When the premise...

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