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What Can St. Francis De Sales Teach Us About the Self-Mastery of the Tongue?

“Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that is due time he may exalt you. 1 Pt 5:6 St. Francis De Sales has a way of drawing attention away from ourselves and directing it towards Christ. Anyone who has carefully read Introduction the Devout Life sees St. Francis’ method of guiding the person towards the...

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Can the Catechism Draw Us Into Prayer?

When you ask someone how they would describe prayer or their personal prayer life, expect multiple answers. Depending who you ask, this is either an easy or difficult question to answer. Nevertheless it’s a fair question to ask when engaging someone in the faith. The mere thought of praying may lead some to dread the...

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Does It Make Cents to Proclaim the Gospel?

Is it profitable to enter into the Kingdom of God? When you consider all that is needed is a free consent of the will, the proposition does not appear that costly. As we have just witnessed through the Advent of the Christmas Season, Christ opened the door to the Kingdom by virtue of His Incarnation where we can identify with...

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