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Does Intercessory Prayer really help strengthen a Marriage?

Imagine if everyone around us came to the realization that praying for someone is actually quite a simple act. We would all be constant intercessors for everyone around us, especially our family and friends. The irony here is that something that in many respects is so simple and not necessarily time consuming is quite often...

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Why the Virtue of Vigilance should not be ignored.

Children are at rest when they know they’re being observed. This is particularly true when a child is tempted to do something they’ve been told not to thus they refrain from acting on their impulse, at least for that moment. Another point to consider is that children crave for the presence of their parents in the simplest...

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Is there Virtue in controlling your tongue?

If you ever wondered what might be a good way of keeping our thoughts from becoming verbal assaults on another person, place or thing we might want to turn to St. Francis De Sales. In has masterful work  Introduction the Devout Life St. Francis teaches the importance of practicing virtue especially with our temptation to speak...

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