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Should We Criminalize Morality?

A cold heard reality sets in when the mere thought of holding someone morally accountable is met with outright contempt. The day of simply looking at the truth of the matter because “it’s the truth of the matter” does not appear to resonate with some people and in some cases even less than others. In other words you or I...

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Does the Act of Prayer Threaten You?

Have you ever encountered someone who felt threatened by the mere thought of praying? One could assume that if anyone would remotely be threatened by prayer it would either by the hardened Atheist or the Devil and his underlings. But the question is; why would anyone be threatened by prayer? Perhaps its a person who is...

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How To Deal With Temptation

When one speaks of temptation, it tends to carry a negative connotation because it is often attributed to something we shouldn’t do. However, I would propose that the art of temptation reveals a certain beauty in that a person is faced with a decision to either act out the temptation or not. Whether the decision takes a...

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