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Sound Catechesis Requires a Convincing Story

The premise behind communicating a convincing story is to make it relatable to your audience. In other words show them they are part of the actual story. Any good narrative relies on the existence of natural truths that help anyone come to a realization that this story actually means something to the person. When the premise...

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What Is Satan’s Aim for Man?

It’s easy to dismiss the influence of the Devil when we are neck deep in our human pleasures. It begs the question do we actually realize what we’re doing when this happens? When one begins to reflect on this question a bit further the Devil appears to be the last person we worry about because of our own self-consumption....

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How do we handle the Doctrine of Ignorance? St. Augustine shows us how

I am often asked the question: “what is the greatest challenge you face as a catechist?” My response is typically immediate: “it’s the doctrine of ignorance.” When I answer their question in this manner, I typically receive an initial bewildered look, but after a few moments the person begins to understand my response....

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